Helicópteros Marinos S.A. is a company devoted to providing air services in Argentina since 1978. The main tasks which have set off the growth of our company have been supporting On Shore and Off Shore oil operations, such as transporting personnel and cargo to oil rigs, as well as seismic prospection.

By October, 2000 we have achieved a grand total of 68,013 flying hours, of which 18,936 correspond to off shore operations and 49,077 to general air works such as seismic and mineral prospection, magnetometry, transportation of personnel and cargo. Check the list of references for more details about the companies we have worked for.

At our Buenos Aires facilities we provide a wide range of services including aircraft maintenance, sales and leasing. In 1983 we joined forces with Héli-Union, one of the most important helicopter operators in Europe, allowing us to increase our fleet and improve the quality of the services we offer to the local market.

Twenty years of operation entitle Helicópteros Marinos S.A. as the most experienced helicopter services provider in Argentina. Please contact us for any additional information.


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