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Facilities of +3,000 m2 covered, located in the Heliport Don Torcuato, Buenos Aires.

Our new facilities in Don Torcuato have a unique hangarage service in Argentina. Accessibility, maintenance and efficiency make our workshop of more than 3,000 m2, an experience that only Helicopteros Marinos has the ability to provide.


    We optimize your departure times with a comprehensive service aimed at providing all the support that the client needs. The client requests by telephone the preparation of his helicopter and, with the help of specialized technicians, the aircraft will be ready on the runway line. Since we know that time is a key factor, our hangars are easily accessible and with all the comforts such as access to the facilities through the use of a magnetic card, availability of Jet A1 / 100LL fuel, heliporter equipment for the movement of aircraft in land, maintenance and preservation of aircraft


    From the pilot room, the client has access to the internet and a telephone line to send the flight plan and analyze the meteorology in order to reduce the preparation time for the flight.


    Once ashore, with a new magnetic card system, owners can enter and leave the facilities with exclusive access, as well as enter the hangars autonomously throughout the day.


Visit our new facilities in Don Torcuato. In a spacious hangar of more than 3000 m2, with 24 hour security (cameras and digital surveillance with remote monitoring), access by magnetic card for the owners to the parking lot and hangar, comfortable pilot room and bar. All operations in our facilities are carried out by specialized technicians.

We keep track of the owners' entry records to the parking lot and hangar.


From Marine Helicopters we offer a service so that the client has total exclusivity before and after flying, runway line service and permanent maintenance of the aircraft, JET A1 or 100LL fuel supply and a wide range of resources that make the experience of our company in the operation of helicopters.


Commitment and excellence are two concepts that define the hangarage in Marine Helicopters. This is why we provide a comprehensive maintenance and access service unique in our country.

Some of our services are:

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  • Maintenance and disposition of aircraft in flight line.

  • Magnetic card for exclusive entry and exit.

  • Permanent cleaning of aircraft.

  • Dynamic check in to optimize times.

  • Effective fuel load without stopping the engine. ANAC-enabled loading plant.

  • Surveillance and monitoring 24 hours.

  • Remote beacon system.

  • Operation of the hanagarje by specialized technicians.

Helicópteros Marinos

Email: info@helicopterosmarinos.com

Telefono: (5411) 4741 – 6333

Fax: (5411) 4748 – 6886

Dirección: Roberto Laplace 3605
Casilla de Correo 46

Don Torcuato – Buenos Aires
República Argentina

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