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About Us

We are an air services and aircraft maintenance company with more than 40 years developing activities in Argentina. The main air services we offer are the support for Off-Shore and On-Shore oil operations, positioning ourselves since 1978 as the leading service and maintenance company. The experience and quality in the provision of air transport services make us a key partner for any project that requires excellence and commitment.


Pilot performance is monitored annually at the ADAC Flight Simulator Center in Germany in order to maintain the highest international operating standards. Our pilots and mechanics are experienced professionals who operate under the strict standards and procedures defined in our Operation and Maintenance Manuals.


Almost 100,000 flight hours guarantee our trajectory as a company. Our clients need to maintain the active air support service 7 days a week, due to the difficulties posed by the operational environment, where the transportation of passengers and cargo becomes essential to sustain production or exploration operations.


Throughout more than 40 years of operation in the field of air services, we have always had the highest range of aircraft, always adapted to the operational environment and depending on customer needs. The association in 1983 with the HELI-UNION firm, one of the main helicopter maintenance and operation companies in Europe.


Helicopteros Marinos was born in 1978 with the aim of providing offshore and onshore services in Argentina.

Today we are the leading company in the country in helicopter air services, with exclusive hangars, high-level maintenance, and a wide range of air services to meet customer demands. I don't know

In 1983, the association with the Heli-Union firm, one of the main helicopter maintenance and operation companies in Europe, allowed us to improve logistical support and technical capacity, having state-of-the-art aircraft.


The complexity and high specialization required for these services, impel us to train our mechanics outside the country and to incorporate first-line technology to satisfy the standards demanded by our clients, a key issue in all the operations of Helicópteros Marinos SA.


Pilot performance is monitored annually at the ADAC Flight Simulator Center in Germany. Our mechanics are experienced professionals who operate under strict shop rules and protocols defined in our operation and maintenance manuals.



We are the Official Maintenance Service Center of Airbus Helicopters for Argentina and Uruguay, the only one in South America, as well as the Service Center for the SAFRAN region, an engine manufacturing company.


Our workshop complies with national (ANAC) and international (EASA, DINACIA) standards, being the only one of its kind in South America. From Helicópteros Marinos we consider that maintenance quality control is the main security measure.

We also specialize in helicopter maintenance and sale of aircraft and parts. Our workshop of more than 3,000 m2 covered, installed at the Don Torcuato Heliport, is approved by ANAC and DINACIA for different aircraft of the AIRBUS, BELL, LEONARDO and ROBINSON lines.